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International Conference on the Implementation of Land Information Systems

This conference comes after the Government introduced a new National Land Information System (NLIS) with support from the IGN FI/IGN Consortium

Uganda’s Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development together with IGN FI (www.IGNFI.fr/en), and supported by the World Bank, are organizing an international conference on ‘Implementation of the National Land Information System: Sharing Experiences, Innovations and Good Practices.’ The theme is ‘Global Modernization of Land Administration -- Making your LIS…

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Global Modernisation of Land Administration: Making Your Land Information System (LIS) a Success

In 2015 the World Bank selected IGN FI to roll out an efficient, reliable and transparent Land Information System nationally

Between 2010 and 2014 IGN FI (www.IGNFI.com) carried out the design, supply and installation of a Land Information System (LIS) for 6 decentralised offices of the Ugandan ministry responsible for land administration affairs, and at the same time created a National Land Information Centre. In 2015 the World Bank selected IGN FI…

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IGN FI International Conference to launch results of the implementation of Uganda’s 10-year National Land Information System (NLIS) and to share benefits of Global Modernization of Land Administration

International Seminar organized by IGN FI starting on 20th – 21st February 2020, at Protea Hotel, Entebbe-Uganda, to present the results of the NLIS project to various stakeholders in Uganda

IGN FI (www.IGNFI.com) (a world leader and international major player in the field of geomatics) will hold a press conference to present the results of the National Land Information System (NLIS) project to the media and stakeholders from over 34 countries across Africa and globally. This event will give journalists…

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Ivory Coast selects IGN FI to Modernise its Land Administration System

Simplification and digital conversion of urban land administration in Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast has faced difficulties in administering property rights for many years. Manual processing of requests and complex procedures have been leading to delays and errors, undermining the effectiveness of administering and securing property rights for citizens. In order to address this state of affairs the Ivory Coast’s Ministry of…

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Video News Release: Borders: the Republic of the Congo calls on technical expertise from IGN France International

This project envisages accompanying the Congolese authorities step by step in their meetings with other border commissions from neighbouring countries

This material is public and can be used freely

The Ministry for Home Affairs and Decentralisation of the Republic of the Congo has called on IGN France International (http://www.ignfi.com) to accompany them in their meetings with the border commissions of neighbouring countries.   The project officially started on 2 September 2015 with the launch meeting held in Brazzaville and…